FIXED – HTC Touch Pro Battery Life

HTC Touch Pro battery life

This is for Windows Mobile 6.x Phones. You don’t need any custom roms either.

How does a few days of usage on a single charge sound?

After my Sprint HTC Touch Pro kicked the bucket, I had to go about setting up my replacement phone. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember all the settings and roms I was using so I had to basically start from scratch. The first rom I tried was the EnergyRom, but the battery life using that rom was abysmal… I could only get 4-5 hours out of the phone and that was with extreme minimum usage and bluetooth/data disabled. That definitely was not going to work for me, so after a few days of trying different radios and roms I happened across MightyRom6 and so far so good. I also Am using the Telus Radio which has been decent and no problems so far. With the tweaks and cabs I’ve listed below I have been able to get my Touch Pro to last for a few days at a time on a single charge… amazing.

  1. Install programs that you run frequently to the internal memory instead of your memory card. Also keeping your ram clear of programs will help battery life.
  2. Maxx134 Battery Saver Polling Interval – Not sure what it does exactly, I think it lowers the amount of polling it does to see how much battery power is remaining.
  3. Ninja Duck Disable DRV – Smartcard and TVOUT – Disables Smartcard and TVOUT functions on your phone if you don’t need them.
  4. shaolin BatterySaver – Don’t know what it does but it sounds really sneaky.
  5. Wei Enterprises nueDynamicClock – This wonderful little app will lower your phone’s cpu speed when not in use, therefore saving precious battery power.
  6. DrSigStat – An Application that shows current battery draw statistics and makes an educated guess on how much power is left.

I zipped everything up except for the Telus Radio and MightyRom6 you can find those at

Download HTC Touch Pro Battery Tweaks

Enjoy, hope this guide helped you out.

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