PS4 Pro Jet Engine Fan Problem in Modern Warfare

ps4 thermal paste modern warfare fan noise

The Problem
If your PS4 fan is spinning up and sounding like a jet engine when you play Call of Duty Modern Warfare, I have the fix for you. I had this exact problem for months and I honestly just thought it was normal. Anytime I would go into the menu in Modern Warfare my PS4 would sound like it was going to take off, I finally realized it was a problem with my PS4 after asking my friends and finding out there systems never got loud at all. No other game I played on my PS4 made the fan spin up so loud, it must just be that Modern Warfare is really pushing the limits of the PS4.

The Fix
You have to replace the Thermal paste inside your PS4. Sony did a really poor job of putting thermal paste in some of their systems. Instead of using decent thermal paste they just cheaped out and whatever kind they picked gets hard and crusty pretty quickly.

Here’s what my thermal paste looked like before I replaced it.

Not even all of the cpu had heatsink paste on it. After I replaced the thermal paste, my PS4 is now Whisper Quiet in Modern Warfare menus.

Tools you will need.
PS4 Teardown Guide on Youtube (Don’t worry, it won’t void your Warranty.)
– You will need some Star Bit Security Screwdrivers, Philips Screwdriver, a Some Tweezers and a Plastic pry tool.
– For the Thermal Paste I used Arctic Silver. Just a small tube of paste goes a long way, you should be able to do at least 10 cpus with it. When you apply the Thermal paste you want to completely cover the CPU with a thin layer.

Be Careful, if you don’t feel comfortable taking your PS4 there are shops on the internet that can do it for you or get a more technical friend to help you out.

Good Luck!

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