Get the Heavy Pike for Venus Patrols… Every time.

How to Get Heavy Pike on Venus

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Most of the guides out there tell you to just search all the Ember Caves, check the Ishtar Cliffs, or wait until an event happens and then a Heavy Pike will spawn. They’re ALL WRONG. I’ve spent, sometimes over an hour on Venus Patrol searching for one and more often then not, never find one. My brother showed me this little shortcut.

This works every time, it takes 10 minutes, and if you have a couple buddies you can all get one and patrol like a BOUSSSSSS.

How To Get It
From Orbit, go to Venus and pick the “A Kell Rising” mission. It doesn’t matter what difficulty so just choose the easiest.

How to Get Heavy Pike on Venus

When you load in grab a pike and head up to kill the Walker. Don’t worry about this pike getting destroyed because they’re are a couple more strewn about.

How to Get Heavy Pike on Venus

After you kill the Walker clear out all the enemies… behind the walker on the right side, is a fresh Heavy Pike next to a ramp that leads up a cliff… Grab this Heavy Pike.

How to Get Heavy Pike on Venus

Make your way along the cliff, hugging the right side, you’ll notice a big gate blocking the next section of the mission.

How to Get Heavy Pike on Venus How to Get Heavy Pike on Venus

From the Cliff you can jump over the very right side of the Gate. It might take you a couple tries but you’ll get it.

How to Get Heavy Pike on Venus How to Get Heavy Pike on Venus

Ok so we’re over the gate, clear out the enemies and try to take As Litte Damage As Possible, because there are no more Heavy Pikes after this point. Also don’t die or dismount the Heavy Pike because it will disappear and you can’t get it back and you can’t backtrack to get a new one.

Slowly make your way past Skolas, killing adds on the way… when you get to the part where Skolas jumps onto the drop ship you’re pretty much home free… You’ll be in the cave from the Beginning of the Archon Priest Strike.

How to Get Heavy Pike on Venus

Just back track you’re way out of the cave and blammo, you’re on PATROL with a HEAVY PIKE!

Hope this helps you out Guardians.

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