Destiny – Top 3 Ways to Get Strange Coins

How to get Strange Coins

Strange Coins are a currency in Destiny that can be used to buy Exotic Armor, Exotic Weapons, and Upgrades from Xur in the Tower. Just like everything else in the game we have to grind away to increase our inventory of Strange Coins. Below are the best ways that I have found to farm for Strange Coins.

Weekly Heroic Mission
Every week along with the Nightfall we get a Weekly Heroic mission. There is matchmaking in the Weekly so you don’t need a group of friends to get it done which is nice. It gives 9 Strange Coins guaranteed and if you do it across 3 characters, that is 27 coins per week.

Prison of Elders
Another great way to get strange coins that I have found is to do the Prison of Elders. I ran the 28 quite a few times last week, while farming my elder cipher, and I would usually get at least 2 coins from the two small chests in the treasure room. The nice thing is that you can run any of the Prisons over and over again, depending on how important your sanity is to you, and you will always be rewarded something from the small chests.

Strike Playlist
You don’t get strange coins for completing the Strikes but all those little Blue Engrams you collect during the strike have a chance to turn into Strange Coins when the Cryptarch Deciphers them.

Hope these tips helped you out. Shark out.

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