Destiny – Hopscotch Pilgrim Review and Best Perks for PvP

Hopscotch Pilgrim Pulse Rifle

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The Hopscotch Pilgrim is definitely one of my favorite weapons and right now my go to Primary. It is one of the most stable firing, high impact rifles, and with the right perks it is a laser beam death ray. You can get the Hopscotch to drop from Prison of Elders 28 and Dragon Strikes. Be prepared to run them a lot though, because my brother and I ran probably 60 strikes and he finally just got one yesterday.

Hopscotch Pilgrim Pulse Rifle

Its base stats are:
Rate of Fire – 59
Impact – 30
Range – 45
Stability – 68
Reload – 62
Magazine – 30

There are always pros and cons to each weapon and that dictates what perks we can apply to help mitigate their weak points . However, this pulse rifle out of the box is pretty deadly. The only real draw back is the Rate of Fire, but because of the High Impact you will only need two, 3 shot bursts to get a kill… as long as 4 of those bullets are headshots and 2 are bodyshots. The great thing about this rifle is because it can kill so quickly we can focus the perks on upping stability, and also on accuracy so you get those life ending headshots.

The perks I rolled for on this rifle are Third eye, Braced Frame (gives more stability but lowers magazine size), and Hidden Hand. Check all the perks available at Third eye, let’s you see enemies on your radar when you are scoped in (which is a huge help when playing multiplayer), Braced Frame pushes the stability of this pulse rifle to 100% and Hidden Hand has been tested to in sort of a way bends bullets that might not be headshots to hit. Hidden hand is a tough perk to try and classify because Bungie doesn’t really give us any details on anything, but I’ve tested this myself and you can actually see it with fusion rifle pellets, they almost curve towards the enemy if you strafe a little and fire.

In my opinion this is one of the, if not the, best pulse rifles in the game currently. It has helped up my KD another .5 points so far and it keeps going up. The perks I would suggest for this rifle are definitely Third eye, Braced Frame or Small Bore, and Hidden Hand.

I hope this review helped you out and if you have a Hopsctoch leave me a comment and let me know what perks you have and like.


  1. Have it love it but secret round braced frame and feeding frenzy make this weapon a monster. The fast reload with max stability is beast plus secret round allows this gun to get anywhere from 10 to 14 bursts that I counted. Try this set up

    • Nice setup, I have a 55a-Allfate with the same setup, I really liked the fast reload, I’m to afraid to reroll the hopscotch though, so I’m grinding Dragon strikes to get another one to try different perks out.

  2. I got lucky and got this after 30 or so strikes. I probably had it drop before, but deleted it if I did. Anyway, after burning through motes, weapon parts and telemetries, I tried several setups. I’m sticking with Outlaw/Small Bore/Reactive Reload. I got the ORES sight, which I can live with, but wished I had OAS.

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