The Fulcrum Destiny Review and Best Perks for PvP

The Fulcrum Destiny

The Fulcrum Destiny

The Fulcrum is a Handcannon from the Future War Cult in the new House of Wolves DLC. Its fire rate and impact put it pretty much in the middle of all the handcannons. I’m a huge handcannon buff and I have tried all of them, I’m serious, and if I didn’t have the Hawkmoon, Thorn, or The Last Word, this is the handcannon I would take into the crucible.

Where To Get It
You can buy The Fulcrum from the Future War Cult vendor in the tower, as long as you’re FWC rank 3, for 150 crucible marks. You can also get it from a Cryptarch package, a FWC package, or from a Nightfall.

How It Compares
Compared to all the Legendary handcannons, The Fulcrum falls right in the middle of the pack. It has decent fire rate, impact, reload speed, and magazine size. Which make it a perfect candidate for a great PvP handcannon. With the right perks you can get this handcannon to be closer to how the Hawkmoon behaves more than any other handcannon.

Base Stats
Rate of Fire – 22
Impact – 81
Range – 39
Stability – 34
Reload – 51
Magazine – 8
Aim Assist – 75 (actually quite high for a handcannon)
Critical Hit – 86
Body Shot – 57

Because of its decent base stats we don’t have to worry about reload speed, or its range… instead we can focus on increasing stability and also increasing DAMAGE! With just the base stats alone we can kill anything, except Ram wearing Warlocks, with 1 headshot and 2 body shots.

The Perks You Want
Baby Hawkmoon Roll
Whichever Sight you prefer (supposedly Sureshot IS adds the most Aim Assist)
First Perk – Final Round (last round in the magazine does bonus damage)
Perk Tree – Top perks don’t matter much but give you different playstyle choices, but what you really want is Braced Frame, or Small Bore.
Last Perk – Luck in the Chamber (one random bullet in magazine causes considerable bonus damage)

Because we have two damage bonus perks 2 out of the 8 rounds do extra damage, and when we apply smallbore or braced frame we can drop the magazine size even lower to 7 and increase our chances of actuating those damage perks.

The Fulcrum is a excellent Handcannon that is fairly easy to get, as long as you have enough crucible marks and are Future War Cult rank 3. Because of it’s balanced base stats we don’t have to worry to much about compensating for its weaknesses but can instead roll for perks which accentuate its strengths. Definitely one to keep in the quiver if you don’t already have a Hawkmoon.

Thanks for reading and if you have a Fulcrum let me know what perks you have and use in the comments, I’d be interested to hear what other people like.

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