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Homefront Review

Just a couple of thoughts I wanted to share about my experience with the new HomeFront game by THQ. This is only my opinion and it applies only to the PC version of the game… I just can’t get myself to play an FPS on the Xbox 360 or the PS3.


  1. A new take on an old genre… Fighting takes place in the States.
  2. Most of the battles were pretty epic.
  3. Plethora of different firearms.
  4. Vehicle/Air missions help add variety.


  1. Performance was inconsistent, I would have random pops and clicks from the audio, and the game would also stutter pretty badly resulting in a few lag deaths.
  2. No Demo? There should at least be a MP demo or something… it’s a bit ridiculous not to include one.
  3. Single Player was extremely short… took me somewhere between 3-4 hours to beat.
  4. Even though there were a lot of weapons to choose from, they didn’t feel or shoot very differently.

It was pretty fun… I love a good FPS and it was nice to see an FPS based in the States where you play a US insurgent. The controls felt pretty good, and the mixture of vehicle and air missions was much needed. However, this is not a $50 dollar game, it was short, glitchy, and there was no demo. I’d say it’s worth somewhere around $30.

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