Emulate an Xbox 360 Controller – Updated Software

Some games were built to be played with a gamepad not a keyboard and mouse, ie: Prototype GFW.  I found a nice little solution to make games think my nice little 7 dollar Dilong gamepad is an official Xbox360 gamepad.  Here is a great way to use software to emulate an Xbox360 Controller for your pc.  Why would you want to do that? you ask, well some games like Prototype and Assassins Creed are ports of xbox 360 games, so they already have built in support for the PC version Xbox 360 Controller.  So basically with this hack you won’t have to do a whole lot of messing about to get your configs right.

Follow the Steps below to get your gamepad to emulate a xbox controller.

  1. Download the Xbox360 Controller Emulator.
  2. Extract the x360ce.ini,  xinput1_3.dll, and XInputTest.exe files to the directory of the game you want to use the controller in.  The same folder as the game executible.
  3. Plug in the gamepad you will be using.
  4. Run XInputTest.exe and check to make sure your buttons are mapped correctly.  If they’re not, open the xbox360cemu.ini file and change around the mappings till it works.  Here is the ini file (x360ce), that works with my Dilong USB Dual Shocks Gamepad. UPDATE – I can’t seem to find the Dilong gamepad on Ebay anymore, but you can try this cheapo one from Amazon. It may or may not work. PS3 Dragonpad.
  5. Enjoy gaming again. If your game still doesn’t work with your controller try putting the dinput8.dll file in the game directory also. I had a problem with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 giving me a error code (That controller has not been setup please go to controls menu in Gameplay to configure it). As soon as I put the dinput8.dll file in there it worked fine.

I really love this little hack, the reason being, there is no program running in the background sucking up resources.  It’s just a couple of files and a dll and blammo, instant controller emulation.  How great is that!

For more info on compatibility with specific games, check out Rumblepad2 Blog.

I hope this little tutorial helped you out, if it did a comment would much be appreciated.

Up to Date Software – http://code.google.com/p/x360ce/

I also have a Guide for getting a PS4 Controller to work on a PC.


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