4 ways to Fix Understeer in Gran Turismo 7

fix understeer in gt7

Understeer occurs when the front tires lose grip and the car does not turn as sharply as you want it to. There are several ways to fix understeer in Gran Turismo 7:

  1. Adjust your driving technique: One of the easiest ways to reduce understeer is to adjust your driving technique. Try to brake earlier and smoother, and enter corners at a slower speed. This will give your tires more time to grip the road, and make the car more responsive.
  2. Adjust your car’s suspension: If you are still experiencing understeer, you can try adjusting your car’s suspension settings. Decreasing the front suspension stiffness, increasing the rear suspension stiffness, or increasing the front tire pressure can all help to shift weight to the rear of the car and improve turn-in.
  3. Adjust your car’s alignment: You can also adjust your car’s alignment settings to reduce understeer. Increasing the front camber or decreasing the rear toe can help to improve grip and turn-in.
  4. Adjust your car’s differential: Finally, adjusting your car’s differential settings can help to reduce understeer. Increasing the rear differential stiffness or decreasing the front differential stiffness can help to transfer more power to the rear wheels, improving turn-in and reducing understeer.

It’s important to note that these adjustments will depend on the specific car and track you are racing on, so it may take some trial and error to find the right settings for your particular situation.

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