CE-110209-3 PS5 Error Code Fix

ce-110209-3 ps5 error code

This was an easy one to solve but took a lot of troubleshooting. I was trying to copy some game recording files off my PS5 and kept getting this CE 110209 3 error code. I tried different flash drives and a portable hard drive. Tried using different USB ports on the PS5, formatted NTFS and exFat and nothing made a difference.

Turns out it’s not the drives fault. One of the files you’re trying to copy over is corrupt. You can fix it by just editing the file in share studio and trimming off a few seconds then save a copy of the new clip and transfer it over.


  1. I am having the same issue here. I used a 1tb almost brand new WD blue drive, a old desktop hard drive and a 2tb WD green hard drive. none worked

    UPDATE: I will double check in a bit, but I think it might be trying to move off too much data at once

    • It’s not actually a problem with your hard drive or moving too much data at once. One of the files you’re trying to move over is corrupted. You can move them one at a time to find the faulty file.

  2. hahaha. im here too cos of the same problem.. only that the filesize im dealing with is all kind of special madness and me being a crazy videophile. Its a game recording i made at 4k60fps, 1hr duration in this file, totaled about 22gb (lmao) (also i noticed ps5 will clip its recordings at 1hr mark, i was pissed at first, but after recording and found out how humongous the filesize turned out at 4k60 for 1hr duration, at the end of the day?? then suddenly it all made sense.)
    i had 4 diff files in all, each 22gb. Three out of the 4 videos made it to the flash drive successfully, only this last one kept giving me this error repeatedly while copying to flash. I just tried editing in sharefactory just to see if re-rendering the video will fix the problem, …plot twist, sharefactory studio is not able to edit a video file of this duration, so this method failed me.
    Right now im trying to do the trick of just trimming the file with the gallery editor and save as new.. hopefully it will work and copy this time. wish me luck@!@ xD
    Perhaps the filesize was just too large for ps5 to create during recording & finalizing, probably is why it got corrupted and wont copy.

  3. I have never copied files off my ps5 and am now trying to. In total I have 5146 video and photo files combined and am getting this error message at about 40% copy progression. Is there really no fix besides copying about 100 at a time?

    • Well the problem is there is probably one file in there that is corrupted and its making the process fail, if you can narrow it down to the corrupted file you should be able to transfer all the others.

  4. I wish you a thousand blessings bro. Wherever you are.

    Was having the same issue. I had about 50 clips that I wanted to merge using the share factory studio app and after editing them was able to merge them and export the video to my PS5 perfectly fine (as usual). Then when I was copying that video to my USB stick, it would get to about 29% and then all of a sudden that error code popped up (CE-110209-3). I then googled the code and found this post. I deleted that video file from my harddrive and then went back to the sharefactory app and literally trimmed 1 frame of each of the 50 files and proceeded to merge & export the video once more. I copied it to my USB stick and voila! 100%. All thanks to you.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this and wish you nothing but good fortune!

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