Elgato Stutter / Sync Problems and Fixes

elgato stutter sync fix

This post is really just a place for me to keep track of different problems and fixes I’ve had over the last decade of using Elgato products. Hopefully others will find it useful as well.

I use a Elgato HD60 Pro Pcie card so most of my problems are specific to that, however some of these fixes are universal.

Audio And Video sync / stutter problems

  1. Update the Game Capture software to the newest version.
  2. Make sure the hard drive you’re storing recordings to has enough free space.
  3. Clear unused and old recording files from your EGC_library folder (EGC folder is located on your pc where you save recordings).
  4. Install the newest driver.
  5. If a new driver doesn’t fix it download and install an older driver then roll it back in Device Manager.
  6. Check audio settings and make sure they’re all consistent. Ex 44khz and 48khz, if different in Elgato and Windows make them match.


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