Escape from Tarkov – Healing Tips for Beginners

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In Tarkov there is a myriad of ways you can die. Bloodloss, dehydration, energy loss, blunt damage, and many more. Making sure you have the correct meds, food, and drinks on you are paramount in helping you complete your raid and extract with that sweet, precious loot.

In this post I will cover how some of the meds work and a really good basic loadout for beginners to take with them into a raid.

Your PMC has 435 HP points spread out over your limbs, head, thorax(chest), and stomach. Each body part can be blacked out(damaged beyond repair), and they must be healed separately. Single tap headshots are possible with even the lowest tier weapons and ammo.

Even though you might have say a Salewa Medkit, if each of your body parts have some damage to them and need hp restored, you will have to use it multiple times. This isn’t like PUBG where you use a Medkit and it restores all your HP in one go.

Keep in mind that running and jumping can cause fresh wounds to reopen causing bloodloss and HP loss. So say you’re really hurt, have broken legs, broken arms, sometimes it’s better to just hobble over the finish line. One too many jumps or sprints can and will kill you.

If your stomach is blacked out, you will dehydrate really fast. Always keep a drink and food handy. Even though you can keep yourself alive by healing through 0 dehydration, you can’t heal through 0 energy and that can kill you quick. Taking painkillers and eating food lowers your dehydration.

For a more in depth list of all the medical items and all their effects, check the Official Tarkov Wiki.

Now that you know some of the ways your PMC can die, lets talk about the different types of meds and when to use them.

Bloodloss – A gunshot anywhere to your body can cause a bloodloss wound, as blood drains it will take HP from other parts of your body until you eventually die.

The Army bandage and regular bandage will stop bloodloss, but do not restore HP.

Car, Salewa, IFAK, and Grizzly medkits will stop bloodloss and also restore HP to non blacked out body parts.

The AI-2(cheese) will not stop bloodloss but will restore HP very quickly.

Fractures and Broken Bones – Broken arms will make your aim shaky and unstable, broken legs severely slow your walking speed, not allow you to sprint or jump.

The Splint, Alu Splint, and Grizzly will repair fractures.

Painkillers – will allow you to walk at a normal speed, quiet your PMC moans, and allow you to sprint and jump, but you will take damage. They also decrease hydration.

Painkillers, Ibuprofen, and Morphine is the most potent and has the longest duration but it is single use.

Blacked Out Limbs

The Survival Kit will allow you to repair a blacked out body part so it can then be restored with a medkit.

Energy and Dehydration – Food and water are used to restore hydration and energy. It’s always a good idea to have food and water on hand just in case.

Recommended Beginner Medical Loadout – This is the kit that I generally bring with me into the field to cover most of the basics, this kit will give you a pretty good chance of surviving and Escaping from Tarkov. As you rank up your Traders and unlock the Flea Market you can add and swap out for the better equipment.

That’s really it, two cheeses for quick HP restoration, a Car medkit to stop bleeds, some Painkillers so you can walk normal speed on broken legs and a Splint to repair a fracture.
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I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you understand the basics of field medication. Happy Hunting!

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