Battlefield Bad Company 2 got their hands on an exclusive trailer for the new Battlefield Bad Company 2 from DICE.  I can personally vouch for the first Bad Company.  I’ve spent many an hour playing it on my cousins Xbox 360.  I am a huge fan of the Battlefield series of games, they’re great fun but you have to take them for what their worth.  It is a very arcadey style of play, unlike Armed Assault which is more towards the simulation side.

Sound.  Sounds in a warfare game are paramount for me.  They can make or break the whole experience.  Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 for the PC, I believe, had some of the best sound effects I’ve ever heard.  Bad Company 1 rivaled GRAW with their sounds.  A lot of developers don’t realize that when you shoot a firearm it creates an echo.  Also, light travels faster than sound, so when I see an explosion a several hundred yards away, I should see it and then hear the sound afterwords.

Those are my thoughts and I really hope that Bad Company 2, which is supposed to be released on the PC unlike BC1, is a longer, nicer looking iteration of the first version.  Check out the trailer below.  FYI it’s just FMV and no in game footage.


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