Destiny In Depth – Up The Ante Review and Best Perks for PvP

Destiny Up The Ante Review

Up The Ante is a Handcannon from the Crucible Vendor in the new House of Wolves DLC.  It is re-rollable and its Fire Rate and Impact put it in the Low Impact group of handcannons.

Where To Get It
You can buy Up The Ante from the Crucible vendor in the tower, as long as you’re Crucible rank 3, for 150 crucible marks. You can also get it from a Cryptarch package, a Crucible Faction package, or as a drop when playing Crucible.

How It Compares
Compared to other Legendary handcannons, It has a very high fire rate, low impact, it’s stability falls in the middle range, it has a very fast reload speed, and a large magazine.

Base Stats
Rate of Fire – 32
Impact – 68
Range – 23
Stability – 34
Reload – 56
Magazine – 12
Aim Assist – 76 (actually quite high for a handcannon)
Critical Hit – 77
Body Shot – 51

Because of its base stats we don’t have to worry about reload speed, or its magazine size… instead we can focus on increasing stability and also because of its high fire rate and low impact, we need to pick perks that will reduce recoil and help us get the most headshots possible. Because of the weak damage this gun puts out, we have to either hit 3 head shots or 2 head shots and 2 body shots to kill an enemy.

The Perks You Want
Whichever Sight you prefer (supposedly Sureshot IS adds the most Aim Assist)
First Perk – Zen Moment (causing damage increases stability)
Perk Tree – I would try for Armor Piercing, Snap Shot, and Small Bore.
Last Perk – Hidden Hand (this weapon gains better target acquisition)

Full perk list at DestinyDB.

Up The Ante actually surprised me at how good it can be in the crucible. I generally favor higher impact weapons but that usually comes at the cost of a slower fire rate. I really like that Up The Ante has a very high base magazine size, coupled with the High Fire rate and good reload speed of this handcannon, you can really send a lot of lead down range… which is something you will have to get used to because of its low impact. All in all it’s a fun hand cannon and its real easy to get as you can just go buy one at the tower and not have to grind for it.

Thanks for reading and if you have a Up The Ante let me know what perks you have and use in the comments, I’d be interested to hear what other people like.

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