How To Kill Atheon with Grenades / Solo Glitch

How to Kill Atheon

In this video I will show you how beat and kill Atheon in the Vault of Glass Raid for Destiny. Despite what some people say you don’t have to do this solo, you can do it with others in the fireteam as you can see in my video below.

Some key points to follow:

  • Load up your Warlock with the Solar Grenade and Extra Grenade perk, you will need two grenades to beat him.
  • Keep eye contact with Atheon but keep his gun out of sight, this makes him move to follow you and get a better shot.  If you lose eye contact with him he stops moving, if he can see you and shoot you he stops moving.
  • Throw the first grenade on his foot to get him to move backwords, and throw the second grenade in between or on his foot again to get him to walk off the edge.  Grenade placement is key, too far back and he will walk forward toward you, too far in front of him and he won’t walk backwards.
  • Don’t get too close to him or he will stomp you.

Good Luck, and hit me up on PS4 PSN if you need any help. MarkTheShark2K

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