Look what we got from Home Depot… God I love that place. Sometimes I want to take off my pants and pretend that I fell down.
Frugal Lanbox
MSRP: $19.99

Just think of how professional you will look showing up to your next LAN party with this bitch! Ever wonder what was in the case in the Ronin?
Read on and you will find out.

EreBuS’ brother (MurDock) thought he would be Mr. BigShot, and try to show up the professionals. MurDock did a good job at making me look bad. I had to help him out a bit, I gave him the PCI Power Supply so he could fit it all in that small box. MurDock heard the words Small Box and he got all excited. I had to slap him in the face a few times to get him to think straight.  Back to business…. there was some foam inside that we had to remove to make everything fit.

EreBus ate the foam, mmmm, good foam.
Frugal Lanbox PC toolbox case mod
A motherboard tray to hold all the motherboard goodies. Mmmm… look at my wood inside that small box.

MurDock drilled some holes in the case to add some lights and switches. He didn’t realize that a ATX power supply uses a momentary switch, and not an On/Off switch.
What a turd…
Led mounted in Frugal Lanbox
Look at that stoopit toggle switch. The other switches and lights are for some fans MurDock wanted to install. This thing is starting to look pretty bitchin’ I must admit, but it’s nothing compared to a
baboon’s wangular…..

The inside of the box is all messy. I’ve heard that before!
Motherboard mounted in Frugal Lanbox

Notice the 1337 PCI power supply!
MurDock decided to plug in his LAN card into the slot right next to the power supply and touched some metal and *POP*. Destroyed the power supply. I had to slap him in the neck 3 times before he woke up from his shock stupor.

Very professional looking, sleek, elegant, and affordable. So go to Home Depot and buy this bastard, just think, you can roll up onto the scene of your next LAN party looking like this jerk:
brother with Lanbox PC Case Mod

Total cost: $19.99
estimated time to completion: 4 hours

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