Assassins Creed Kind of Sucks.

After playing Assassins Creed for the second time (first on 360 now on PC), I’m starting to realize that it’s kind of lame.  I’m up to the second assassination again, and I think I’m done playing.  I’ve made some lists that I think back up my point.

Why it sucks.

  1. You can’t level up your character or build any sort of skill set.
  2. Every assassination goes the same, climb shit to get viewpoints to unlock city specific missions.
    • Beat someone up for information.
    • Save some Citizens so they can help you past guards.
    • Pickpocket for knives or information.
    • Assassinate someone.
  3. There are a ton of cut scenes and no way to skip them.
  4. The story is over complicated.

Why it doesn’t suck as much.

  1. It looks gorgeous.
  2. You can free roam in huge cities.
  3. You can throw guys off roofs all day long.
  4. Sword fighting is fun and challenging.

In conclusion.

They should have focused on character building/development instead of some crazy topsy turvy story.  The game did have a lot going for it but unfortunately for me, the cons out weigh the pros.  I think I need to find a new game to play with my new controller.  Maybe NHL 09 or Bionic Commando?

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