Superstars V8 Racing, Real Screenshots… Fake Cars.

The screens look pretty good, I’m always skeptical until I see some in game video footage.  It does look nice though, reminds of the days I spent playing GTR2…  I’ll have to find that ol Wingman Force Feedback steering wheel and turn a few laps now.

Milan, Italy – 6th May 2009 – Black Bean Games releases the first official screenshots of Superstars V8 Racing. The game will be out on Xbox 360, PlayStation® 3 and PC in June 2009.  “The screens we are releasing today are straight from the latest Superstars V8 Racing build and we are proud to release them”,  Commented Fabrizio Vagliasindi, Head of Marketing Black Bean Games.

Black Bean is known for games like, Evolution GT, SCAR, and a myriad of SBK superbike games.  For further information about Black Bean Games and its products, visit the web site:

Here’s some screenshots from Eurogamer.

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