PSVR2 Frame Rate Fix for No Man’s Sky

psvr2 framerate fix for no mans sky

If your PSVR2 is having stuttering, jitter, and 10fps problems in No Man’s Sky after the update then this fix is for you!

My PSVR2 was working perfectly fine until the latest No Man’s Sky patch… now it’s basically unplayable.


  • In non VR mode, start up NMS, before loading your save game open the Options gear in the lower left.
  • Go to Display & Graphics and set Framerate lock = Disabled.

I’m not entirely sure why this fixes it, but my psvr2 was working perfectly fine in NMS and then after the most recent patch it was running at about 10fps and was just horrid.

I hope this fix helps you folks out if you’re having any framerate issues!

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