Windows 7100 to 7068 Downgrade

I upgraded my Windows 7 version from build 7068 to build 7100 yesterday and after coming to terms with a few problems I decided to just revert back to 7068.  I originally thought I had imaged the wrong drive before I did the 7100 upgrade but luckily it was the 7068 build from a few weeks ago.

I just finished ghosting the image back on and set my weekly backups to the correct drive, and am happy once more.  Build 7100 just had too many glitches for me right off the bat.  I think I will keep 7068 on here for as long as possible, no sense upgrading if I’m not having issues at this time.

I will say that the upgrade went pretty smooth though, I didn’t really have any issues except for windows telling me that my ATI Catalyst drivers were not compatible and had to be removed.  Also the whole Punkbuster/Call of Duty 4 issues had me worried.  So take that for what its worth.  If you plan on upgrading your build to 7100 I highly suggest you make a backup image before hand.

Personally I use Acronis True Image Home for backing up data, but it is not free, if you need backup software on the free, try Paragon Drive Backup Express.  I’ve had good luck with Paragon software in the past.


  1. Yeah, I understand what you mean, it was just a little unnerving that there would be those kinds of problems from going to a newer build. So I figure I’ll just hang with 7068 till they get things sorted out.

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