My Windows 7068 to 7100 Upgrade Experience

I went ahead and upgraded my windows 7 x64 build 7068 to x64 build 7100 today and I now wish I hadn’t.  Call of Duty 4 broke, ATI Catalyst driver broke, and alot of my programs registry settings are missing.

I had a feeling I should just leave my 7068 alone because it was working fine.  I did however decide to make a image of my drive ahead of time just in case I wanted to revert back to 7068, unfortunately I made a backup of the wrong drive letter… so that was smart.

After fighting with COD4 and punkbuster for the last hour or so I’m really thinking of just reformatting and reinstalling 7068.  After doing some research online it appears that punkbuster has some serious issues with Windows 7.

In conclusion I will advise that if you are happy with how your build is running now, just leave it alone until the final version is available.

Like the old saying goes, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

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