Zune Audiobook to Podcast Tool

I am a noob.  This is my tool ever created.  It’s a weird feeling.  Anyway, I made this little program using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. I made this tool because the Zune sucks for listening to Audio books.  It won’t bookmark the place you were last listening to like it does for Podcasts.  I found that if you change the Genre Tag of your audiobook mp3 files to Podcast it will treat your audio files as a podcast and bookmarking will work.  The next problem is that, on the zune, Podcasts do not get sorted by Track number, they get sorted by their Date created.  So usually all your audio book files would be all out of whack in the zune podcast section.  This tool automatically decrements the creation date of a group of selected files, therefore sorting your files correctly.

More info on Zune Audio book Bookmarking here.

Please give it a try and leave me a comment if you like.  It is my first program ever in VB, but I do plan on improving the tool and also adding a feature to automatically change the mp3 files genre from audio book to podcast.  As of now you have to use a program like tag and rename to change the genre to podcast.

-Version History .2-
Changed program to work on 32bit systems.

-Version History .1-
Added Auto genre change of mp3 ID3V2 tags to “Podcast”.
Added Message box showing number of files processed.
Added Only allowed to edit *.mp3 files.

Download Tool – audiobook2podcast

Oh PS it was made on a Windows 7 x64 machine.

Disclaimer – Use this software at your own risk, I can not be held resposible if you accidently change the dates your porn was downloaded.


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