Ultimate Destiny 2 Forsaken Resource


All of the info in this resource is subject to change at the discretion of Bungie, but this is what we know so far.

Forsaken Editions and Price

The following list of updates will be free regardless if you purchase the new Forsaken DLC or not. These are considered quality of life changes and will affect everyone with the Destiny 2 base game.

Quality of Life Updates

QoL Updates
  1. Random Rolls – We’re getting random rolls back on weapons like we had in Destiny 1. No longer will legendary guns drop with set perks and stats. When you get a weapon to drop it will be randomized giving us more variety in weapon choices.
  2. Mods 2.0 – Legendary mods will lose their +5 power level stat. You will also be able to remove mods when dismantling weapons. There will be less mods to have to deal with and they will be geared more towards specific play styles and weapons.
  3. Vault Space – Increase from 300 to 500 vault slots.
  4. Collections – Just like we had back in Destiny 1, you will now have collection books where you can repurchase sparrows, weapons, and armor to help keep your vault clean and tidy. Anything you have deleted after May 8, 2018 will be unlocked in your collections, anything deleted before that date will not show as unlocked and you will have to get them to drop again in the Destiny 2 world.
  5. Bulk Shader Deletion – You will be able to mass delete your shaders instead of one by one. Not sure why this took so long fix… but ok.
  6. Gambit – A new PvE/PvP crucible mode
  7. 4 New Crucible Maps
  8. In Game Lore – This used to only exist online, so it will be more accessible and easier to find for everyone now.
  9. New Bounties Not a ton of info available, but we used to have this ability back in Destiny 1. You can pick up bounties that give you, usually monetary, rewards for using specific weapons or damage types to kill enemies.
  10. Power Matters – You’re power level will matter again in Iron banner and Trials, just like how it used to work in Destiny 1. The higher power level you are the more damage you can absorb and deliver.
  11. Weapon System – We’re returning to how weapons slots used to work back in Destiny 1 with a twist. You will be able to slot any weapon type you want where you want. Want to run three shotguns? go ahead, three sniper rifles… fine. Mix and match how you please. This is one of my favorite changes so far… I absolutely hate having snipers and shotguns as heavy weapons right now.
  12. Triumph – Like how Grimoire and record books used to work back in Destiny 1, you’ll be able to display your experience, amount of game activities completed, with a Triumph level.

Forsaken DLC

The new Forsaken DLC will be released on September 4, 2018. Just like every Destiny expansion, we will get new locations, enemies, story missions, strikes, and raids. Everything listed below will only be available if you buy the new DLC.

New Locations

Dreaming City
Tangled Shore
  1. Tangled Shore – We’ll be returning to the Reef from Destiny 1 and will include new story missions having to do with the Prison of Elders.
  2. Dreaming City – It has been described as the Dreadnaught and Vault of Glass combined. The new raid will be taking place here and also other “late game” activities. There will be secret chests and collectibles just like we had on the Dreadnaught in Destiny 1.

New Supers and Class Trees

  1. Three New Supers per Character – Specifics about the supers are still unknown, but what we can gather from the videos released so far is that the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan will each be receiving three new super variations. They will be tied to the Void, Arc, and Solar damage types.

New Exotics

Seven have been revealed – We don’t know the exact names or perks available, but what we know so far is were getting the at least seven new exotics.

Exotic Auto Rifle
Trinity Ghoul Bow
Twin Rabbit
Exotic Auto Rifle
Trinity Ghoul Bow
  1. Ace of Spades – Caydes hand cannon, we don’t know what the new one will be like but the Destiny 1 version had Third Eye, Firefly, and Maverick.
  2. Trace Rifle – Current trace rifles include the Prometheus Lens and Coldheart, so possibly a new variation of those? I would guess a Void version since the other two are Arc and Solar.
  3. Void Sword – Shoots void out of the blade. We already have the Worldline Zero which is Arc, so that leaves one Solar to yet be released.
  4. Trinity Ghoul Bow – Arc bow that shoots multiple arrows.
  5. Triple Barrel Auto Rifle – Auto rifle with multiple barrels attached to it… possibly a Shotgun/Heavy Machine gun hybrid?
  6. Thorn’ish Hand Cannon – Kind of resembles the Thorn, but is not a Thorn.
  7. Twin Rabbit – Rocket launcher that fires Void and Solar tracking rockets.

New Enemies

Fanatic Baron
Machinist Baron
Rider Baron
Trickster Baron
Sniper Baron
Hangman Baron
Madbomber Baron
Mindbender Baron
  1. Barons – Eight mini bosses that are leaders of the Scorn. I believe they are enemies from the Prison of Elders.
  2. Scorn – They look similar to the Fallen but will have new weapons and abilities.
  3. Uldren – The queens brother looks to be returning from the Reef and from what we know so far from the trailers… He kills Cayde. Yes Cayde dies.

This is everything we know so far, a lot of this info isn’t set in stone yet, so this resource will change over time to reflect that.

Thanks for reading Guardians!


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