Ali or Tyson in EA’s Fight Night 4

EA is adding Fight Night 4 to their line of boxing games.  I am a huge fan of the Fight Night series, once you get used to the controls it feels very natural.  It looks amazing too, they just keep stepping up to the plate in the graphics department.  They’re kind of grabbing at straws with the whole “Reach Does Matter” quotes, yes reach does matter.  Their whole thing with Ali vs Tyson is interesting, I really don’t know who I would pick.  Tyson hit like a mac truck, but Ali was tall and quick.  I think I’m gonna go with Ali.  The guy had character and really didn’t like to lose. Supposedly this is Ol Mikey’s first video game appearance in ten years. Honestly I don’t even like to see both on the cover, Mike is not the same class of person Ali was, not even close… but whatever makes money, that’s what matters.

Check out the Trailer

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