Her Benevolence Destiny Review and Best Perks for PvP & PvE

Her Benevolence Review and Best Perks for PvP & PvE

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Her Benevolence is a Queens Wrath weapon in the House of Wolves DLC. It replaces the old sniper from the Pre Dark Below Destiny, called The Supremacy. It is a Mid fire rate, High Impact sniper rifle. It can kill with 1 head shot, 2 body shots, and it can 1 head shot freshly revived enemies. Which makes it a popular choice for the Trials of Osiris.

How To Get It
You can get it from the any of the Prison of Elders as a drop and also from the Gold Chests which require 1 key, or you can get it as a drop anytime you rank up you’re Queens reputation.

Base Stats
Rate of Fire – 19
Impact – 31
Range – 66
Stability – 46
Reload – 54
Magazine Size – 4
Aim Assist – 40

See the stats and full perks available at DestinyDB.com

Best Perks for PvP

Her Benevolence Review and Best Perks for PvP

We all have different abilities and play styles so I’m going to break down why I picked the perks I did and also a little background about me is that I used to play mainly PC first person shooters with a keyboard and mouse. I’ve only really been using gaming with controllers since Black Ops 2 on Ps3 and then Ghosts on PS4. So sniping and just general aiming is still foreign to me but I am improving.

Here is the break down of my Perk choices.
Scope – Shortgaze instead of Ambush (Shortgaze adds +15 points to the Aim Assist and Ambush takes away -10 points)
Hidden Hand – I need all the help I can get with aiming and hidden hand helps me line up head shots as I’m mostly a drag sniper.
Snapshot or Quickdraw – Either one of these are good, because they allow you to bring the weapon up and scope in quicker, anytime saved scoping in is extra time allotted to line up your shots.
Performance Bonus – Kills with this weapon have the chance to grant reserve ammo, in my experience every 3 kills give at least 1 bullet.

Best Perks for PvE

Her Benevolence Review and Best Perks for PvE

My Perk choices for PvE are just a bit different, I don’t need to quick scope and don’t really need help with aim assist. Most of the enemies in PvE aren’t sniping back or just generally don’t move very quickly. So I go for whatever I can to get the most ammo possible.

Scope – Shortgaze, I’m not too worried about the added Aim Assist Shortgaze grants but the fact that I just prefer a low zoom scope.
Clown Cartridge – Reloading this weapon has a chance to grant a larger than normal magazine, if you have 3 rounds in the mag and do a reload you might get an extra round.
Casket Mag – This increases the magazine from 4 to 5 rounds, but it decreases stability… you’ll just have to take a little extra time when going for follow up shots.
Performance Bonus – Again, kills with this weapon can sometimes give you extra reserve ammo.

In my opinion this is a great sniper rifle for either someone who is just starting to try sniping or for the professionals. I usually don’t feel comfortable sniping and would rather have a Fusion rifle or a Shotgun but I had a few times where I really enjoyed using Her Benevolence and with the right amount of practice I feel I could really become deadly with it. If you don’t have it I would try to get at least one because it is a very unique sniper rifle and because of its perks its just good all around.

Thanks for checking out my review, please leave me a comment with the perks you use and like or if you want a review of a certain destiny weapon let me know, thanks again.

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