How to Properly use the Shield Against the Templar in Vault of Glass Raid

shield relic templar vault of glass

A neat little trick I learned last night while running the Vault of Glass Raid with my group.  I elected to be the shield guy because I hate shooting oracles… I’m just not that great at finding where they are lol.  So in my attempts and final success of beating the Templar I learned that even though you are running the shield relic you can drop it for several seconds after taking the Templars shield down and fire off a couple rockets, or sniper shots, and then pick up the shield relic and rinse and repeat.

I’m pretty sure with this method you could solo the Templar, but I have not tested it yet.  This little trick though helped shave a few minutes off the battle with the Templar so hopefully it helps you guys out.

Check out the video below for the whole fight.

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