Phogoth Weekly Nightfall Summoning Pits Guide / Glitch

Weekly Nightfall Summoning Pits

My brother, my buddy, and I just completed the weekly nightfall summoning pits mission tonight and I made a little video on some of the things we did to beat it.  It is extremely important to choose the correct weapons for this strike as it is an extremely difficult strike to beat even without the nightfall modifiers.  You want to stick with Arc damage weapons for the Knights and Fire damage weapons for the Wizards.  Trust me it will make your life so much easier.  Also we found that it was easier to actually solo the beginning of the nightfall up until you get to Phogoth the Untaimed at the Circle of Bones part.  When we got there my buddies loaded in to my fire team and we were able to snipe Phogoth without having to even enter that large room of death.  Just keep an eye on the shrieker and back up into the first room when he shows up.  As long as one person hangs back you will always have someone to run out and revive players so you don’t get booted back to orbit.

Key Points –

  • Use Arc and Fire damage weapons.
  • Watch the timing and placement of enemies spawning in the Runes room.
  • Solo up to circle of bones.
  • Snipe Phogoth from the safety of the room before the shrieker.
  • If a player dies and you can’t get to him, have the player exit and rejoin the fireteam.

Good luck and check the video below for the full Guide.

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