PCI Power Supply

You probably read the title and said.. what the heck did these idiots make now. :Let me tell you a little story before we get into the meat of things. Once there was this dude that decided to modify his power supply, he removed the covers, cleaned the fan, and checked out his rad power supply. Then he decided he didnt want to put the power supply back into its case cause it looked ugly. He left everything lying about on the floor and plugged it in to the wall. Then he accidently touched the innerds of the PS and it hurt… really bad. The theme of the story is… always unplug the power supply before playing with it, cause if you don’t you will get zapped and it will hurt.. really bad. trust me.. the story is about a friend of mine. Here at PCrivals.com we promote safety, so where big rubber boots, and a shiny hat.. cause shiny hats look funny, and safety goggles, cause chix dig guys with safety goggles. I wear mine to the mall all the time. People laugh, im not sure why. I just tell them, hey you never know.. a flying nathans hot dog from the food court could poke their eye out!! then i would be laughing. ANYWAY, back to business. We decide to build a project that needed a small power supply, but we didnt want to get a crappy 175w mini power supply, although that would have been the smart choice, cause were cheap bastards. So we built a Power Supply that fits into a pci slot. It doesnt run off the pci slot or anything like that, but the slot helps keep it in place and it looks rad too.

Heres what you will need to build one for yourself:
An old pci slot card that you can break apart
Power Supply
Case slot cover.. you know the part you have to take out if you want to install an addon card and epoxy.. lots of epoxy, preferably the kind that smells like cat piss.. it gets u ripped.. hehe

Now .. take the power supply out of its covers and remove the fan. Then Take the PCI slot card and break off the pci slot part on the card but leave some so you can epoxy it to something.. like so

Glue the PCI slot piece that you broke off on to the Power supply, make sure you line it all up correctly, so the power supply will fit into a pci slot just right. Also we found out that we needed to grind off the pins on the pci slot piece so we didnt fry our motherboard.

Then take your case slot piece and glue it to the side of the card so it slides into the case and you can screw it down.

Make sure you line that up correctly too.

That is pretty much it.. we also took off the power cord connector and made an extension so we could mount the plug holder wherever we wanted.. we cut the wires and extended them..

Now you should have a PCI power supply, make sure you mount a fan near it though so it stays cool, power supplies get real hot.. and dont touch it when its plugged in either.. my friend says it really hurt him.. it did .. trust me. When your all done your pci power supply should look something like this.

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