Game TitleCompletedLikesGripesFinal ThoughtsDateGame Mode10/10 Rating
Far Cry New DawnYesIt's cheap. Has some really good immersive missions and really makes you feel like a action hero.Even if you do a lot of the side mission stuff you still won't have all the guns unlocked before you beat the story.Overall it was a very fun game, reminded me of Far Cry 3. Def worth the $20 I paid.9/4/19Singleplayer/Coop8
Mad MaxYesExcellent open world game, inexpensive, great story missions. Really liked how you could upgrade your vehicle.It would have been better if the highway caravans had respawned... after you beat them the first time they disappear, and there's only a handful of them, so the replayability is gone.Excellent Game, one of my favorites of all time. The environment and vehicles were top notch.9/1/17Singleplayer9
Days GoneNoInteresting open world, cool motorcycles, decent weapon assortment.I really don't care for the story too much. The main characters are a little forced.It's fun, the world is interesting to explore, but the characters are not that interesting. I would not pay full price for this game, if you can get it on sale then do it.1/20/19Singleplayer6
Horizon Zero DawnYesAmazing graphics, fighting dinosaur robots is top notch.I didn't like the story very much. For some reason I found myself skipping most of the cut scenes. Also I didn't do much of the side missions.This game looks sick on a 4k HDR tv. Would def recommend, and it's cheap so there's no reason not to play it.5/14/18Singleplayer10
Far Cry 3YesAwesome story. Really liked the character progression and was surprised at the ability unlocks.I get that their level design is on a tropical island but I prefer darker type games.One of the best games I've played. Excellent story campaign.1/1/12Singleplayer10
Last of UsYesI haven't played a game since that I felt that connected to the story. The Characters are gritty and you will feel like you know them. My buddies and I used to play Interrogation MP all the time. It was a blast.It was too short lol. The only other gripe is the shooting mechanics are a bit wonky, I'm not a huge fan of 3rd person but its bearable.Top games i've played of all time.12/1/14Singleplayer/Multiplayer10
Dying Light + The FollowingYesWhat a underdog, excellent theme music, great story campaign and character progression and unlocks. Combat and movement is very intuitive.I don't really care for melee weapons that break and have to be repaired or replaced. It's just an annoyance.This game seriously surprised me in how gripping the story campaign was. Some of the night zombie missions are absolutely scary as hell.1/21/16Singleplayer/Multiplayer/Coop8
Dark Souls 3NoLevel Design, weapons and armor. Interesting enemies and tough cinematic boss fights.Having all the enemies respawn again can get old, I realize its part of the series.Really felt like I was in these cool areas when I was playing, very immersive.3/2/17Singleplayer/Multiplayer/Coop9
Red Dead Redemption 2YesStory, character design, alive feeling open world.Multiplayer sucked.... ughh what a bummer. Also you end up changing characters and I kinda miss the old guy.Rockstar knows how to make a story fun and interesting to play through, but do not buy this for the multiplayer.8/26/18Singleplayer/Multiplayer8.5