Weekly Nightfall Summoning Pits Guide / Glitch

My brother, my buddy, and I just completed the weekly nightfall summoning pits mission tonight and I made a little video on some of [...]

Destiny Avatars from Bungie.net

I was perusing the intarwebs today in search of some fresh avatars for my different online personas, and came across this little gem. I [...]

Bounties Ruin Crucible – rant

This is something that has been bugging me for the past few weeks and I think I should get it off my chest. I [...]

Zombie Apocolypse WF47 – Best Weapons for Vault of Glass Raid

One of my favorite weapons to use in the Vault of Glass Raid is the Zombie Apocolypse WF47 Heavy Machine Gun. It is awesome [...]

Upgrade Destiny Weapons and Armor Faster with Bounty Stacking

This is a little trick I learned in my countless hours of playing this horribly addicting, annoying, frustrating and fun as shit game. You [...]

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