Destiny Fallen Major / Ultra Bounty Location

Load into Venus patrol and take a left and go around the bend, there is a landing platform up on the left where you [...]

How to Properly use the Shield Against the Templar in Vault of Glass Raid

A neat little trick I learned last night while running the Vault of Glass Raid with my group.  I elected to be the shield [...]

Best Spirit Bloom Farming Location

The best spot that I found on Venus in Destiny to farm spirit bloom is a spot called, The Citadel. It’s a Vex area [...]

Phogoth Weekly Nightfall Summoning Pits Guide / Glitch

My brother, my buddy, and I just completed the weekly nightfall summoning pits mission tonight and I made a little video on some of [...]

Destiny Avatars from

I was perusing the intarwebs today in search of some fresh avatars for my different online personas, and came across this little gem. I [...]

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